It’s time to realize your dreams with Project One. Customize your ride of choice with an endless palate of paint and premium schemes, and cherry-pick components exactly to your liking. Our team of master artists and builders will transform your wildest ideas into reality.

Your custom ride is three steps away

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Choose one of our most-loved models to customize

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Choose from thousands of colors and design schemes

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Spec every component or choose a curated build

Custom road


Madone is speed incarnate—it combines everything we know about going fast into one swift superbike.

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Domane+ is our lightest, quietest e-road bike with a subtle boost for all-day adventures and the fastest group rides.

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Émonda is super light, incredibly balanced, and just aero enough to make it our fastest-ever climbing bike.

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Speed Concept

Speed Concept is the most aero bike we've ever made—and it's your best choice for your fastest triathlon bike splits and time trials.

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Custom mountain


A long-travel all-mountain bike built for racing rugged enduro lines and having a rippin’ good time in the rough.

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Top Fuel

Top Fuel’s a full suspension XC ripper that’s fast on flow and loves getting down on techy trails.

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A hard-charging electric trail bike with plenty of travel and proven technology to get you through the rough stuff.

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Why Project One?


When it comes to the quality of Project One bikes, we stick to a hard and fast standard—perfection. Every Project One is designed and built with meticulous attention to detail and will not leave the building until several multi-step inspections have occurred. You expect the best, we guarantee it.


Hand painted, hand assembled, one by one. That’s how our team of gifted designers, builders, and painters craft every Project One bike. Good things take time, and remarkable things take talent. We’ll invest a healthy dose of both. Because this is personal—not just for you, but for the craftsmen dedicated to making your dream bike a reality.


Every Project One bike is built to order and hand assembled with care. There’s no mass assembly line, no boxed-up bike waiting to be purchased. The process begins when you design your dream ride, and each step is executed with you in mind. Your bike will be put together piece by piece, start to finish, by someone who wants to astound you.

Want to take your custom paint to the next level? Explore our most premium Project One options.

Project One Designer Series

Talent isn't much without passion, and our design crew is teeming with both. These carefully curated, premium schemes come directly from the brushes of our most talented bike painters.

Project One ICON

Project One ICON is a collection of premium paint schemes filled with texture, depth, and mood. Each ICON showcases a mastery of brush and paint and reflects the passion the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.

Project One Ultimate

The parameters of Project One Ultimate are simple: there aren’t any. If you can dream it, we can make it—even if that means developing a new, one-of-a-kind paint color specifically for your design. So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild.