The best bikes, the best bike shops

Trek products are sold exclusively by independently owned and operated bicycle stores. We believe only your local bike shop can ensure you'll have a great experience while shopping for and servicing your new bicycle.

Our retailers take care of you

Get advice and service from experts who care

Trek retailers are staffed by bike experts eager to share their love of riding. They'll help you find and maintain your perfect ride.

Proper fit and assembly come as standard

Your Trek retailer will take the time to help you select a bike that fits you right, expertly assembled by skilled shop staff.

Gear up for a better ride

The experts at your local shop will help you choose the right clothing and accessories to make your ride safer, more comfortable, more convenient, and more fun.

Connect with your local cycling community

Your local bike shop has the inside line on the best places to ride, local cycling resources, and the latest bike events happening in your area.